Medline impactful discoveries (January 2022)

This tool proposes an interactive interface to explore the discoveries extracted from Medline (MeSH descriptors) using the method introduced in [paper pending].

A contrastive approach for LBD (July 2021)

The tools below propose an interactive interface to explore relations between some neurodegenerative concepts extracted from the biomedical literature. The tools are prototypes for a new literature-based discovery method presented in this paper.

The code for the contrast method can be found in this github repository.




This work was conducted with the financial support of Irish Health Research Board (HRB) BRAINMend project (grant number HRB-JPI-JPND-2017-1) and with the support of the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre ADAPT (grant number 13/RC/2106_P2).

The interactive interfaces are implemented with Shiny and the documentation uses RMarkdown. Graphs in the papers and documentation are produced with ggplot2, and the ‘Medline discoveries’ code heavily relies on the data.table library.